When it comes to the way we work at Bothwell Castle Care Home, we understand that potential residents, friends and loved ones alike might be a little curious as to the inner workings of our care home. They have every right to, after all. 

From questions about the facility itself to the financial aspects of calling Bothwell Castle your home, we understand that the care home choosing process can be a confusing one. Whatever questions you may have, we’re more than happy to answer them.

Care Questions

Our staff are trained on a regular basis to guarantee that all of our residents can receive the 24 hour, around-the-clock care that they expect and deserve. Our employees are kept up to date on everything, from physical medical training to emotional support training, in order to provide our residents with the greatest experience Bothwell Castle Care Home has to offer.

You should talk to our Home Manager if you have any questions about how we do things here. If our Home Manager isn’t available, another member of our friendly and dedicated team would be more than happy to answer any queries you might have regarding life at Bothwell Castle Care Home.

At Bothwell Castle Care Home, we’re so proud of the level of care we provide to each and every one of our residents, and we feel we excel in delivering a high quality of service to our residents from the moment they step into the building. However, we do specialise in providing care for those facing the challenges that being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s presents.

Our Home Manager will be glad to meet with you for a comprehensive consultation to discuss your needs and expectations before you move in with us at Bothwell Castle Care Home, as well as to provide you with all the information you might find necessary about our home. Prior to their arrival, we spend time with each new resident and their family to ensure that their individualised care plan is ready.

At Bothwell Castle Care Home, we offer a whole range of different care options for our residents, from Specialist Dementia Care to Respite Care and Residential Care. No matter what challenges our residents might be facing, our teams know just how to look after them and ensure they’re living life the way in which they want to. We offer support to the elderly, those with a physical disability, those with sensory impairment challenges, and those who are nearing the end of their time with us.

Bothwell Castle Care Home provides excellent medical care to each and every one of our residents, however, we’re also happy to provide our residents with access to a wide range of external medical services such as physiotherapy or chiropody. These trained professionals are regularly invited to Bothwell Castle Care Home so that our residents can be treated without even having to leave the premises.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 18th December, if the care home does not have an outbreak of COVID-19, then residents will be supported to undertake visits out of the home. It is however, advised that residents undertake an LFD test before leaving the care home and upon returning, must take an LFD test every other day for up to 14 days. It is also advised that anyone meeting residents outside of the care home should undertake regular LFD testing and receive a negative LFD test on the day of the visit. It is encouraged that everyone they are visiting has had their COVID-19 vaccinations, including the booster vaccination if eligible. When making a visit out of the home, residents are recommended to avoid mixing with a large number of people indoors and there should be no more than two households meeting with the resident.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 18th December, all visitors must also wear a Fluid Restraint Surgical Mask (FRSM).


We would ask you to think carefully about any decision, and we will happily provide support and guidance around any implications around this decision and the effects to your relative, should you decide that this is the way you want to progress. We will also continue to support and guide where we can to offer other solutions. Please be reassured that all the actions we are taking, have taken, and will take in the future, have reflected the most current guidance and advice published by the UK government.

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 18th December, all staff are recommended to take an LFD test daily. All staff have a good understanding of the characteristics of COVID-19 and its transmission and the principles of Infection Prevention and control.

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 18th December, adult care homes will continue to support indoor visits. It is however, recommended that no more than two households meet with a resident at one time inside the care home. Frequency of visiting your loved one will be guided by the care home arrangements. Visitors, including children, should undertake a LFD test before every visit to the care home and be able to provide evidence of a negative result. All visitors must also wear a Fluid Restraint Surgical Mask (FRSM). In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak within the home, the home will continue to support residents to choose a named visitor who may visit the resident in their private room if the local Health Protection Team allows.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 

When it comes to keeping our residents and their loved ones connected, Bothwell Castle Care Home is unrivalled. Thanks to our lightning-fast internet, we are delighted to be able to set up online video conversations with your friends and family, allowing you to speak with them face-to-face for as long as you like.

Facilities Questions

We don’t want anything about the way you live your life to alter at Bothwell Castle Care Home. If your interests make you happy, we don’t want you to have to give them up just because you’ve moved. We want you to be able to do the things you enjoy for as long as you desire. Trying something new, on the other hand, is always a good idea, so we’ll often urge our residents to venture outside of their comfort zones now and then.

Bothwell town centre is located only a short 15 minutes walk away, however, Bothwell Castle Care Home is located close to a variety of public transport links that are bound to reduce that time significantly. We also have a personal chauffeur service that can be used by all.

Our residents are encouraged to work with our Activity Coordinators to plan events and activities that they want to participate in. If our residents have a suggestion for how to brighten the faces of other residents, we invite them to share it with us. It might be anything from day trips to evening meals out, quizzes and puzzles.

There are plenty of bus stops located closely to Bothwell Castle Care Home, so if you wanted to travel into the town centre with your family or newfound friends, then you’re welcome to do so. If you wanted a member of our team to help you out on your adventure, that can also be arranged.

Various social events, entertainment and activities are organised to ensure that there is always something interesting and stimulating going on. Our Activities Coordinators will support and encourage you with any hobbies, interests and excursions. Individual therapeutic treatments can be arranged to suit your needs. Birthdays are celebrated with a party and you will also receive a complimentary birthday cake. Private functions can be arranged in our private family lounge.

Finance Questions

All fees associated with the Care Agreement will be terminated as of the date of death. The costs of staying with us here at Bothwell Castle Care Home will be covered for up to ten days after the death, or until the residence has been thoroughly cleaned of any personal effects. We recognise that this will be a difficult time for loved ones, and we will treat them with the highest respect throughout the process.

When you’re moving into Bothwell Castle Care Home, the initial overall fee you pay covers an awful lot. From your room to your meals, to any entertainment you participate in, as well as visits from doctors and dentists and therapists, all of these services are covered by your fee. However, there are lots of little extras you might need to pay for that aren’t included in your fee, which is why you might be paying a little more than usual every now and again.

If you plan on continuing with us for Residential Care, you are free to maintain your financial independence and make any financial decisions on your own. However, we want to assist you in the most effective manner possible, so please let us know if you’d like someone else to handle your money instead of you so we can then make arrangements that’ll make it easier for you in the long run.

We strongly encourage you to seek independent financial advice before exploring any potential funding sources. However, depending on your particular circumstances (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care), you may be eligible for either Local Authority or NHS funding (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care).

It is perfectly feasible to do a trial term with us here at Bothwell Castle Care Home. Scheduling a trial period to stay with us is a terrific way to discover out exactly what you want and whether you want to be a permanent member of our family. A trial term can also be scheduled on behalf of a loved one to see if Bothwell Castle Care Home is the appropriate fit for them.

We know that the bottom line cost is important to everyone; the last thing you want is to worry about a variable weekly bill popping through the letterbox. This is why we have brought the All-Inclusive concept into the Care community. 

Everything at Bothwell Castle Care Home is included in your weekly price, from care packages to meals, drinks, spa treatments, haircuts and transport. When you add it all up we think we are very competitively priced within the market.

Rooms & Suites Questions

Unless otherwise specified in your customised plan, only your immediate family will be notified in the event of a medical emergency. Our residents will be cared for by our medical staff and, of course, placed in the best possible hands depending on their individual needs. All of our rooms are equipped with sophisticated call systems, ensuring that each of our patients receives the care they deserve as quickly as possible from our skilled nurses.

Our experienced team is always passionate about welcoming and integrating each resident into their new home, and we will be more than happy to let you take as much time as you need to help settle you into your new home. Within your first 24 hours, you will have met with your dedicated staff member, discussed your brand new care plan and had a chat with our chef about what you would like for your dinner.

Residents are encouraged to bring personal items, such as photographs, ornaments, etc. to make your room truly your own. From the moment you arrive at Bothwell Castle Care Home, our team will ensure that your stay will be welcoming and comfortable. Your family and friends are welcome and may remain with you while you settle into your new surroundings.

At Bothwell Castle Care Home, every room has a television, phone, and WiFi connection point. This means you won’t have to travel to our communal areas to view your favourite movies or make internet phone calls. All of the above can be done in the privacy of your own bedroom.

We will happily discuss whether we can accommodate your pet whilst discussing your individual circumstances. It entirely depends on your current situation and how your situation is looking to potentially change while staying with us here at Bothwell Castle Care Home.

Yes, at Bothwell Castle Care Home we have 2 shared rooms available for couples who would prefer to move in together. To enquire about availability, please get in contact with us today.

At Bothwell Castle Care Home, all of our rooms offer luxury en-suite bathrooms and facilities, as well as wheelchair accessibility in both the main areas of the room and the toilet facilities.

Exceeding Expectations at Bothwell Castle Care Home

Our caregivers recognise the value of getting to know each of our residents and their families so that we can provide the best possible individualised care for every single one of them. We can make homes where people feel ready to face the day and that their ideas and opinions are valued. We constantly accomplish this by working together as a team to ensure that our residents are as happy as possible.