Cinema Room

Cinema Room

There’s nothing quite as magical as a trip to the movie theatre. Cinema has the power to move and transport you somewhere else entirely; the power to make you laugh, cry and reminisce unlike almost anything else. At Bothwell Castle Care Home, our dedicated cinema room has been designed to bring our residents closer together, and serve as the perfect space for friends, families and loved ones to sit back, relax and spend time making memories.

We have quite an extensive selection of films for our residents to pick and choose from. From black and white romantic classics and your good old fashioned westerns, all the way to movies more contemporary, there’s bound to be something in our collection that all of our residents and their visiting family members will be able able to agree on.

What You’ll Find at Bothwell Castle Care Home

When we say there’s something for everyone at Bothwell Castle Care Home; we mean it. From our luxurious cinema facilities that are perfect for both the average movie-goer and the film connoisseur, to our dining facilities and entertainment facilities alike. We know that our new residents might sometimes feel like they have to put their life on pause when they move into our home, but we want to reassure you that is simply not the case. We’re always encouraging our residents to try new things, or continue doing the things they love.

Bothwell Castle Cinema Room
Cinema Room

Get Lost In The Moment

Getting lost in a good movie is one of the simplest pleasures in life, and at Bothwell Castle Care Home, we don’t see why that should ever have to stop. Enjoying a film, either on your own or with a loved one, can do wonders for your mental and emotional wellbeing, not to mention the great impact it can have on your creativity, memory and curiosity. 

Popcorn Machine at Cinema Room
Cinema Room

What You’ll Find at Bothwell Castle

We’ve gone above and beyond to create a care home with the comfort and individualised support of our residents in mind, offering a diverse array of facilities and services to meet their needs.

Large TV Screen

Plenty of Film Choice

Plush Seating

Tailored Care From Staff That Go Above & Beyond

Our care home in Uddingston takes great pride in offering a variety of care services. We are committed to ensuring that each resident is provided with high-quality care while also having the freedom to pursue their hobbies, explore their interests, and forge new friendships.

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