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Dementia Care

Bothwell Castle in South Lanarkshire is pleased to provide Dementia Care to those who are living with the condition. We also offer constant support to our residents loved ones, ensuring no one is left out of the Bothwell Castle Care Home family. For individuals with dementia, our home provides a safe, caring, and welcoming atmosphere, and presents itself as a true home away from home.

Our employees have had extensive dementia training, and we take pride in offering the best level of care and respect to each and every one of our residents. Frustrations and tensions associated with dementia are eased through daily planned activities, social and mental stimulation, and constant engagement and support.

Bothwell Castle’s Dementia Care 

It seems to us like a lot of dementia care in the Bothwell area seems to frequently focus solely on the disease and how it affects a person’s loss of function, rather than how the person might be feeling. This seems to exacerbate many of the issues dementia seems to cause and brings about a lot of stress and frustration. Dementia patients respond better when their care supports independence while still treating them with decency and respect.

Bothwell Castle Care Home recognises that none of our local residents are alike and that some people will only require modest assistance while others will require much more. Our approach to care is intended to help people maintain their sense of self and independence for as long as feasible.

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Our Perspective on Dementia Care 

Effective communication is so essential when it comes to high-quality dementia care, with friends, families, and the residents themselves. That’s why all of our team members have been educated and trained so that they all know how to best support our residents living with dementia, and how to best encourage them to express themselves. At Bothwell Castle Care Home in South Lanarkshire, we provide a variety of services to assist our residents in living independently in a comfortable and engaging environment. 

Because of our experience working with people who have memory loss and a variety of other dementia symptoms, we can provide unrivalled care to our residents in the Bothwell area. When it comes to assisting people with dementia, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why our dementia care plans at Bothwell Castle Care Home are tailored to each individual’s needs.

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What To Expect with Dementia Care at Bothwell Castle Care Home

Every care home has something special and unique to bring to the table, and we understand that it can be a difficult process to decide where the perfect place is to call home. Our teams have received high quality specialised training in the most up-to-date dementia support approaches and research techniques, so you can rest assured that you or your loved one is only receiving the very best support that’s individualised and tailored to suit you. 

We’ve given careful consideration to how the atmosphere at Bothwell Castle Care Home affects our dementia patients, right down to how we arrange the layout and design of our home to best suit our residents. We understand that people with dementia may have a different perspective on the world than we do. As a result, every component of our residential space, from bedrooms to social areas, is evaluated on a regular basis. There’s a lot to think about, from colour to materials to lighting.

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Is Dementia Care Suitable for Your Needs?

For individuals living with dementia, their loved ones and their caregivers, dementia can present any number of issues and challenges on a day-to-day basis. Dealing with these situations can have the potential to be unpleasant and often incredibly emotionally draining for everyone involved. 

We get to know our residents with the essential help of their family, friends and loved ones in order to construct the most accurate picture of their lives possible – and to assure their continued happiness, comfort, and wellbeing. Residents’ families are invited to visit our home in Bothwell, South Lanarkshire at any time during our open visiting hours.

High Quality Care, No Matter What

Our local care services at Bothwell Castle Care Home serve to relieve the stress of daily duties. Often, simply addressing these issues allows residents to flourish, allowing them to make new friends and pursue new hobbies. Whatever your reason is for coming to us, you can expect a really warm welcome from Bothwell Castle Care Home.

What’s Included in our Dementia Care Services

While staying at Bothwell Castle, all of our residents have complete access to a variety of valuable things that can be very useful throughout their time spent with us. From physiotherapy sessions to regular doctor’s appointments, the teams at Bothwell Castle have put a variety of practices in place to ensure our residents are living as easily and comfortably as possible.

Dentist Visits

Whenever one of our residents needs their teeth looked at, we can arrange for a dentist to visit Bothwell Castle Care Home or for our resident to visit the Dentist.

Opticians Trips

If one of our residents is struggling when it comes to maintaining their usual level of eyesight, we can organise a trip to the opticians, or invite a professional optician to our home.

General Practitioner Visits

Depending on the circumstance, our residents maybe entitled to regular visits from their local GP, but we can always arrange transport to and from if needed.

Chiropody Appointments

Our residents have access to a private Chiropodist who visits Bothwell Castle every six weeks. Alternatively, residents can hire their own private NHS Chiropodist if visits are needed on a regular basis.

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Exceeding Expectations at Bothwell Castle Care Home

Bothwell Castle Care Home is situated in Bothwell, an affluent conservation village in South Lanarkshire, it’s widely considered as one of Scotland’s most desirable places to live. Our home is based on the belief that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life, which is made possible by the loving and supportive community we help to create. Behind your bedroom door, you can retire to your own sanctuary, but if you don’t feel like spending time alone, you can have as much or as little company as you choose.

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