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Residential Care

Our residents health, happiness, and comfort are our top priorities. Our staff are here to assist older people who are finding it increasingly difficult to care for themselves at home.

Our service provides a welcoming and secure atmosphere in which people can benefit from the social aspects of group living while maintaining their freedom thanks to a customised care plan. Our care team is trained to provide as much or as little assistance as each resident at Bothwell Castle Care Home requires, no matter what their reasons for joining us are.

What is Residential Care?

Residential care is specifically tailored to provide support with daily living activities, personal care, medication management, and mobility for individuals. Within this setting, residents have the freedom to consider the care home as their own and maintain their routines and lifestyles as they typically would.

They can also make use of the numerous services and facilities available within the care home. This form of care is generally long-term and is often sought by older individuals who appreciate the benefits of group living and require support with their day-to-day activities.

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Residential Care at Bothwell Castle Care Home

Bothwell Castle Care Home’s residential care is an excellent option for someone who struggles to live alone. Some older individuals prefer to live in a residential care facility because it offers security, social engagement, and ongoing support and assistance in a homely environment.

Some people believe that choosing to live in a residential care home should only be considered a “last choice” option, however, this is not the case, as there are numerous benefits to living in a care home which is evident at Bothwell Castle. We have a dedicated care team that provides the necessary care and support to residents to help them live a full and engaging life.

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What You’ll Find at Bothwell Castle

We’ve gone above and beyond to create a care home with the comfort and individualised support of our residents in mind, offering a diverse array of facilities and services to meet their needs.

Nurse Call Systems

Customised Care Plans

Profiling Beds

GP Appointments

Optician Appointments

Dentist Appointments

Chiropody Appointments

Physiotherapy Appointments

Residential Care FAQs

Residential care offers an optimal solution for individuals in need of full-time accommodation and the availability of continuous support for personal care and well-being requirements. It also provides a valuable option for those seeking companionship and the benefits of group living.

In comparison, nursing care likewise ensures 24/7 care and support, but it is specifically designed for individuals requiring medical assistance from registered nurses who can administer medication and deliver medical treatments as necessary.

The personalised care plans we create for our residents at Bothwell Castle Care Home undergo regular monitoring and assessment. In the event that a resident’s care needs evolve during their stay with us, our team collaborates closely with them and their family to make necessary adjustments to their care plan. We take pride in offering a continuum of care, ensuring that if care requirements change or develop, residents do not need to relocate to a different care home.

The services and amenities offered in care homes and nursing homes can differ, but at Bothwell Castle Care Home, you can expect 24-hour support with medical care and personal wellbeing as well as housekeeping and laundry services, dining, activities and entertainment and in-house facilities to provide a comprehensive and enriching living experience for our residents.

Tailored Care From Staff That Go Above & Beyond

Our care home in Uddingston takes great pride in offering a variety of care services. We are committed to ensuring that each resident is provided with high-quality care while also having the freedom to pursue their hobbies, explore their interests, and forge new friendships.

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