Residential Care

Our residents health, happiness, and comfort are our top priorities. Our staff are here to assist older people who are finding it increasingly difficult to care for themselves at home.

Our service provides a welcoming and secure atmosphere in which people can benefit from the social aspects of group living while maintaining their freedom thanks to a customised care plan. Our care team is trained to provide as much or as little assistance as each resident at Bothwell Castle Care Home requires, no matter what their reasons for joining us are.

Bothwell Castle’s Residential Care

Bothwell Castle Residential Care allows you to live your life on your own terms. Our person-centered approach is delivered by specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We respect each of our residents right to live their lives as they see fit, embracing all of their individuality and passions while being active and social.

When it comes to Residential Care, the levels of care and support provided by us are completely customised to each of our residents needs. In many cases, the level of support necessary will be little, but in others, it will be substantially more. It truly depends on the individual. Regardless of the level of care needed, our team is always on hand to support our residents.

Our Perspective on Residential Care 

Bothwell Castle Care Home’s residential care is an excellent option for someone who is unable to live alone. Some older individuals prefer to live in a residential care facility because it offers security, social engagement, and ongoing support and assistance.

Some people believe that choosing to live in a residential care facility should only be considered as a “last choice” option, that should only be decided when someone or a loved one is terminally sick or incapable of caring for themselves. However, this is not the case, as there are numerous benefits to living in a care facility.

What to expect with Residential Care at ​​Bothwell Castle Care Home 

Prior to a resident’s arrival, we spend time with each new resident and their family to ensure that a personalised care plan can be created for them. We have a courteous, compassionate team who can assist you and customise your care plan as needed if your care needs change over time.

Is Residential Care Suitable for Your Needs?

If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to live alone, or if living alone is beginning to have a negative impact on your mental or physical health, residential care may be a good option to consider. Residential care, known also as group living arrangements, can make a significant difference. This type of care is ideal for people who occasionally require a little or some additional assistance in order to continue doing the things they enjoy.

Unrivalled Levels of Care, Always

The impact of COVID-19 has been a challenge for many people, whether they are residents of our community or not. But one thing has stayed constant throughout is that Bothwell Castle has always stood by its residents and faced the future together. Pandemic or no pandemic, we will always prioritise the safety and dignity of our inhabitants.

High Quality Care, No Matter What

As we grow older, the stress of everyday duties can become more apparent. Our residential care services at Bothwell Castle will relieve any unwanted stress of daily tasks. Often, simply addressing these issues allows residents to excel in life, allowing them to make new friends and explore new interests. Whatever your reason for visiting us, you can expect the warmest welcome at Bothwell Castle.

What’s Included in Our Residential Care Services

A range of facilities and services are included in the price of your stay at Bothwell Castle Care Home. Every resident will have access to appropriate medical treatment, which will be tailored to their specific needs. The services included are as follows:

Dental Care

Residents who seek dental assistance will have complete access to a dentist, and these appointments will be covered fully while staying with us at ​​Bothwell Castle Care Home.

Chiropody Appointments

A private Chiropodist visits Bothwell Castle Care Home every six weeks, however occupants can also hire their own private NHS Chiropodist if visits are needed on a regular basis.

Regular Visits to a GP

Residents will be able to book and attend doctor’s appointments on their own, or with the help of a staff member if they would prefer to do so.

Opticians Service

As part of the ​​Bothwell Castle Care Homes living costs, all residents can have any vision-related concerns addressed by an optician. This can happen either externally or internally.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Physiotherapy aids in improving physical wellbeing can be arranged through a doctor or privately.

Exceeding Expectations at Bothwell Castle Care Home

Bothwell Castle Care Home is located in the Village of Bothwell, South Lanarkshire, and is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s most coveted locations to live. Our home was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a fulfilling life, which is made possible by the compassionate and supportive community we provide. You can resort to your private bedroom, or if you would like some company, you can have regular visitors.

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