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Getting Crafty at Bothwell Castle

Our residents love to get crafty on a regular basis at Bothwell Castle Care Home. The month of February brought a love-filled Valentine’s Day as well as the devasting Storm Eunice in the UK. Nevertheless the residents were in high spirits despite not being able to go outside for a few days. Instead, residents were enthralled with the many activities and facilities they had access to inside our home.

The residents wanted to pay tribute to one of the most talked-about topics throughout the month of February – Storm Eunice. Some of the residents worked together to create a beautiful art piece featuring a cherry blossom tree made with pink buttons as the focal point, and black silhouettes of people holding umbrellas to portray the torrential wind and rain that Storm Eunice brought.

iced biscuits

Residents also enjoyed baking empire biscuits – just one of the many baking sessions that happen on a weekly basis. Empire biscuits are a popular biscuit eaten in Scotland and other commonwealth counties. They consist of two shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with raspberry jam in the middle and white icing glazed on top, traditionally topped with a glacier cherry, however our residents opted for sprinkles instead.

The “Empire biscuit” originally known as “Linzer Biscuit” was renamed after the outbreak of the First World War, when Britian decided to rename it to something more patriarchal.

Residents couldn’t wait to get stuck into their sweet treat after decorating them, although they needed to wait patiently for the icing to harden first!

We look forward to seeing what arts & crafts next month brings. If you are interested in learning more about the activities residents get up to at Bothwell Castle, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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