Residents Enjoy A Summer Party To Remember

Those who grew up in the 1950’s will have their own indelible memories of their childhood; from the first taste of welfare orange juice, to the birth of Rock n’ Roll. The nation was still recovering from the ravages of the Second World War and the camaraderie of wartime, and thirst for fun and excitement was still evident throughout the country.

The 1950’s was well placed to receive American Rock n’ Roll music and culture, and it was welcomed with wide, open arms. Teddy girls and boys throughout London and across Britain, adopted the iconic sense of style we still admire today and enjoyed household names such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Cliff Richard.

Stepping Back In Time

So many of our wonderful residents vividly remember life in the 50’s and take great pride in sharing memories and have such fun sharing stories and events; we knew a 1950’s themed Summer Party would be a huge hit so our dedicated Activities Team planned a day to remember.

At the beginning of August our beautiful grounds were transformed into an American 1950’s movie set, with an inflatable “Nightclub” Disco Tent, themed bunting and fantastic Diner inspired backdrops. ‘Events 4u Lanarkshire’ kindly donated the Disco Tent as well as a Candy Floss machine for the afternoon; residents thoroughly enjoyed stepping back in time and reliving days on the dance floor, and indulging in traditional 50’s treat Candy Floss.

Dancing The Day Away

The beautiful sunny day was a huge hit with all our residents, and ended perfectly as our resident entertainer sang hits from the era, and created such a fantastic atmosphere that residents couldn’t help but dance the day away. 

To view a collection of videos and images from the special day, head over to our Facebook page.

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