Taking our Residents Out into the Community

At Bothwell Castle Care Home, we value the importance of our residents making the most out of life, both in the care home and out.

Our care home is conveniently located between the small towns of Uddingston and Bothwell, and as a result, residents have a variety of amenities such as supermarkets, independent shops, restaurants, and cafés all within easy access. We also have an abundance of things to see and do, and thanks to our fortunate location in Lanarkshire, there is also plenty of outdoor areas where residents can either go for a picnic, or simply just get some fresh air.

That is exactly what the residents from our Castlegate Unit recently did when they took a trip to Strathclyde Country Park, a beautiful stretch of countryside and a popular attraction for sports, events, and family days out. The country park is just an 11-minute drive from our home and residents were able to get out in the sunshine, take a stroll and feed the swans.

We recognise the benefits that getting out in nature has on our residents, as it encourages light activity, socialising and stimulation. Whether it is enjoying a cup of tea and a good book in our gardens, or going to a local park to admire wildlife, we strive to get our residents outdoors as much as possible.

Our residents from our Lairdsgate Unit also recently had a trip out into the community. The residents were taken for lunch at Alona, a nearby hotel and restaurant, and enjoyed a delicious lunch within its beautiful glasshouse setting.

With views looking out across Strathclyde Country Park, residents were able to admire the scenery, share a laugh and good conversation, and enjoy a drink of their choice. The residents had a splendid time and look forward to their next outing.

With our minibus and car services, trips like these are a regular occurrence at Bothwell Castle. We believe it is important for residents to get out and about no matter how big or small the excursion is, as it enables residents to continue living their lives as they always have.

Whether our residents want to request they are taken out in our car to run personal errands or have a special place in mind for a trip with fellow residents or their family, we welcome our residents to let us know what they would like to do at any time and we will always do our best to facilitate their requests.

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